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Doolittle Raiders Children’s Association Visited Quzhou

  Liu Meiyuan, member of American Doolittle Raiders Children’s Association, paid a visit to Quzhou to shoot the documentary about how people in Quzhou had rescued the Doolittle action crews between March 19th and 22nd.

  In these days, the crew members have visited the downtown Young’s Residence in Shuitingmen historical block, Xiaonankengkou Village in Jiangshan, Beiyang Village in Suichang, the Exhibition Hall of Germ Welfare launched by Japanese Aggressor, the former No. 13 Air Terminal Site, Sino-US joint anti-Japanese Memorial in Bao’an Village of Jiangshan, Jiangshan Archives, and so on. They visited the villagers, read the documents and files to understand the situation. The crews also have interviewed Wan Shaohua Team and two old men with bad foot disease who survived from Japanese germ welfare.

  “Through this shooting, we’ve got rich content and many first-hand materials. We believe after watching the documentary, people will have a deeper understanding of this historical period.” Liu Meiyuan introduced that the documentary will be shown on the 75th Doolittle Action Commemoration held in the US on April 18th.

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  American Doolittle Raiders Children’s Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which is composed of the children of Doolittle Action crew members, and their relatives and friends. Liu Tongsheng, Liu Meiyuan’s father, occasionally met the Doolittle No.2 crew members in Ninghai and accompanied them from Quzhou to Hengyang as their translator. When Liu Tongsheng went to study and settled in the US, he joined in the Doolittle Raiders Children’s Association.


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