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Quzhou’s 331 Social Workers Help and Support the Poor on World Social Work Day

  Quzhou’s hundreds of social workers, heads of social work agencies, community directors and volunteers gathered to celebrate the second Quzhou Social Work Festival on March 17th, the 11th World Social Work Day. The theme of this activity is “Social workers with your peers in construction of the happiness of Quzhou”. Quzhou Social Work Association and 96345 Party Member Volunteer Center of Quzhou Newspaper Media Participated in and co-organized.

  Social workers are people who take part in social work. These social works are occupational activities utilizing professional methods to help people or group with difficulties out of the trouble with professional values under certain social welfare system. It includes service for children and teenagers, service for the aged, women’s social work, rehabilitation service, social assistance, employment service, mental health guidance, and so on.

  Fu Caiyan, staff member of Quzhou Social Work Association, said that the majority of social workers are less than 40 years old and some of them had won national honors. Thus those social workers who are active in line at the grass-roots level mostly are young and dynamic social work professionals.

  Recently, the demand of social workers is creasing rapidly. Quzhou is taking steps to build social worker team and recruit professional social workers to get involved in specialized social work and provide services in many fields, such as social assistance, community construction, correction support, population and family planning, and dispute resolution. In October 2016, Quzhou Social Work Association was established. So far, there are 331 social workers with certificates and 92 work studios.


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