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Quzhou City and Annapolis City Reached a Friendly Exchange City Intentions

  Recently, Vice Mayor Zhu Jianhua met with Timothy Babinski, the Mayor of Annapolis City, and witnessed the signing a memorandum of understanding between our city and Annapolis city to establish friendly relations.

  At the meeting, Zhu Jianhua introduced the Quzhou location, history, humanities and agricultural industries and so on to Annapolis Mayor Timothy Babinski and his party. He said that Quzhou has a beautiful ecological environment, with the unique advantages of the development of agriculture, which cultivated Quzhou Ponkan, Kaihua Longding and other well-known agricultural and sideline products at home and abroad; besides, farming, animal husbandry and other industries developed steadily in Quzhou. Quzhou City and Annapolis City not only have similar advantages in agriculture, tourism, education and other fields, but also have their own characteristics, which generates the potential of cooperation and creating win-win situation. He expressed the hope that the two sides will expand exchanges and cooperation and promote mutual benefits and common development in all fields.

  Timothy Babinski said that China and Canada have a long history of friendship, and that Quzhou and the city of Annapolis have a good basis and potential opportunities for cooperation. He also hope that through this visit, Quzhou Annapolis City can dock their agricultural industries and seek common development opportunities.

  Annapolis is located in the western part of Nova Scotia, Canada. It not only is the birthplace of contemporary Canada but also is Canada’s one of the most advanced agricultural cities. Annapolis has the only tidal power plant in North America and Canada’s largest geographic science center. Its agricultural development has been marked by the implementation of renewable energy plans. Its rolling farmland, active fishing port, a long history and bustling towns, attract a large number of tourists to come here.

  Babinski and his entourage visited the Quzhou NO.2 Middle School, the green industry cluster, Confucius Temple, the Palace of Buddha Root-carvings in Kaihua and other places.


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