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New Year Mountaineering Festival Held in Jiangshan

  2017 National New Year Mountaineering Festival sponsored by China Sports Lottery was held on the first day of 2017. This year the festival set its southern main venue in Jiangshan.

  Around 8 o’clock in morning, before the opening ceremony, there were performances of dragon dance, line dance, yoga and Chinese Chess wheel war and attendees of the mountaineering activity arrived in succession.

  The opening ceremony began at 8:30 in the parking lot of Santoupugang of Jianglang Mountain. Olympic Champion Xun Yang and Shi Zhiyong and World Champion Zhong Qixin were present and were warmly welcomed by the audience.

  After the opening ceremony, Sun, Shi, Zhong and 2022 mountaineering lovers who had signed up for this activity online climbed the Jianglang Mountain together. The winding path of Jianglang Mountain was dotted with happy and enthusiastic mountain climbers.


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