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Overseas High-level Talents Came to Quzhou to Promote Their Projects

  Recently, Quzhou City Green Industry Gathering Area held“2016 Overseas High-level Talents in Quzhou” , inviting 41 overseas high-level talents to visit Quzhou and promote their projects. They had business talks with Quzhou City Green Industry Gathering Area, local companies and venture capital organizations, promoting exchanges and cooperation by bringing in new projects, which will benefit transformation and upgrading of local companies.

  This activity is the third of its kind held by Quzhou City Green Industry Gathering Area and also the one with most high-level talents, most and best projects, covering most countries and companies and achieving most cooperation.

  The 41 talents, 32 of who have doctoral degree and 9 master degree, comes from 12 countries, such as UAS, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Japan. They are research & development experts or executive leaders in world-famous universities, companies or venture capital organizations. The 37 projects promoted by them cover fields like equipment manufacturing, new energy and materials, biological medicine and electronic information, all of which are quite compatible with Quzhou City Green Industry Gathering Area. 21 out of 37 projects are qualified for industrialization and are waiting for the opportunity to be put into production.

  This activity creatively employed roadshow, inviting experts and leaders from Industry Research Group and Investment Invitation Group, 8 venture capital organizations like Jindouyun Investment, Codicapital, and Enjoyor Capital, 10 local companies like Hongwuhuan Group, Kangde Medicine and Sea Turtle Techonology to watch projects promotion by 22 overseas talents and to learn about those projects’levels of technologies, feasibility, market prospect and business operation modes. 5 outstanding projects attracted instant attention from investors and companies, leading to on-the-spot investment negotiations. So far, 5 companies has signed cooperation agreements with 5 talents on the spot, 2 venture capital organizations and 4 companies expressed cooperation intentions toward 6 talents and planned further negotiations.


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