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A Foreigner from Ireland Was Attracted by the Beautiful Scenery of Quzhou and Paid a Second Visit 10 Years Later

  “Look! These are the photos which I took of Brian when he visited Quzhou this year. He went to places like Luming Park and Shuiting Street and had such a good time,” said Zhou Jianhui, showing the photos to the reporter. “Brain said that he would come to Quzhou again in the future if he had time.”

  Brain first met Zhou 12 years ago, which led to his first visit to Quzhou.

  Zhou Jianhui, 43 years old, is an interior designer in “Luo Man Cloth Art”. He met Brain from Ireland 12 years ago by chance. “I met him in a bar in Hangzhou. At that time, I was working as an interior designer in Hangzhou and he was teaching design-related courses in a university in Hangzhou. We were so glad to meet each other as we had so many common topics.” Zhou said that he was also the first Chinese friend Brain made in China.

  Since then, they became good friends. “I taught him a lot Chinese,” said Zhou. Brain is a very nice person and gave some gifts to Zhou from time to time. Brain once gave Zhou a coffee maker which was a souvenir of his trip to Italy and Zhou has been using it ever since.

  Zhou said that he also invited Brain to visit Quzhou and went to tourist attractions like Jianglang Mountain, Nian Badu, Confucius Temple, Shuiting Street and so on. Brain was deeply attracted by the food, scenery, history and customs of Quzhou. “The delicious food is the reason why he came to Quzhou again”, said Zhou. At first, Brain was reluctant to try rabbit heads, duck heads, fish heads and duck webs, but then he got addicted to them after his first try. Brain told Zhou that although Quzhou dishes were quite spicy, he liked them very much. That trip of Quzhou left a deep impression on Brain.

  After that, Brain went to the Netherlands to further his study, but he kept in touch with Zhou through emails. Common interests bound Brain and Zhou together even though they were thousands of kilometers apart.

  Brain paid a second visit to Quzhou 10 years later and was deeply impressed by great changes of Quzhou.

  10 years passed and Brain came to China again. He visited Quzhou with his girlfriend Angela this National Day holiday. “Brain likes China very much and has long planned to visit China again. Therefore, he took the opportunity of his annual leave to come to China with his girlfriend.” Zhou said that Brain arrived at Quzhou on October 5th and stayed until October 8th. During his 4-day stay, Brain was amazed by the great changes of Quzhou.

  “Brain and his girlfriend went to Luming Park, Lawn Park in Xique and experienced the agritainment in Qili. Brain spoke highly of Luming Park.” Zhou said that Brain was deeply impressed by the design of Luming Park because it is integrated with hills, rivers and seas of flowers. On the contrary, such a big ecological park is quite rare in the Netherlands. Besides, Brain was also fond of the antique flavor of Shuiting Street and the natural scenery of Qili.

  Of course, delicious food was also an important part in this visit as Brain missed it so much. “I took Brain to the Nanhu Food Court so that he could have authentic Quzhou dishes there.” Zhou said that Brain enjoyed not only the food but also the environment there. Brain thought it was very relaxing and enjoyable to have the food and at the same time listen to the music played in the food court.

  During the visit, Angela was attracted by the unique beauty of Quzhou too. “She praised Quzhou for its antique flavor, beautiful scenery and hospitable people,” said Zhou.

  The trip to Quzhou is an unforgettable experience to Brain and Angela, although it lasts only 4 days. “I will visit Quzhou again in the next few years if there is an opportunity,” said Brain. He is looking forward to seeing the bright prospects of Quzhou.


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